‘Famous Belgian Waffles’ invades Boracay

The signature dessert of Belgium is now in this famous island of Boracay.

Oozing with different succulent and mouthwatering fillings, the Belgian waffle sandwich is one new craze you should not miss.




And just by its name, the place that brought the freshly baked, crispy golden brown waffle sandwich in the country, the Famous Belgian Waffles is now at the Ground Floor level of E’Mall Building at Station 3, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island.

The shop serves an array of waffle sandwich treats that are perfectly made with premium quality ingredients. You can either have it plane for only P35 or you may enjoy it with flavorful fillings like chocolate, peanut butter, cheddar cheese, strawberry, cream cheese, blueberry or hazelnut for only P45.

For your playful taste buds, never miss to try their perfect combination of ham and cheese, banana peanut butter, banana chocolate and chocolate peanut butter waffle sandwiches for only P45.

At P55, you will not afford to miss their waffle sandwich combo of banana hazelnut; ham and cream cheese; blueberry cream cheese and strawberry cream cheese.

For your best Belgian waffle experience, consume it while still warm since all waffles are made on the spot.

Also, partner your flavorful waffle sandwich with the Malaysian coffee or Malaysian hot choco for only P35.

The Famous Belgian Waffles has over 100 stores in the country. And bringing this innovation in the island were couple, Levi and Erly Villafane.

It is actually one of their favorite snack foods. And to answer their cravings while in Boracay and for the locals and tourists to know why it is a favorite, they brought the first Famous Belgian Waffle here which opened last September 21.

So whether you are on the go who just want to grab a bite or someone who wants a very palatable place to stay at, visit the Famous Belgian Waffle and see for yourself why it is part of the A-list for delicious treats in the island!*

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