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D’ Talipapa: Your one-stop shop in Boracay

While there are hundreds of restaurants in Boracay, the best dining experience still is for you to pick out ultra-fresh seafood that you want and have it cooked the way you want it.

The “Paluto” experience is just one of the signature treat you will get when you visit D’ Talipapa, the Boracay’s famous one-stop wet market.

It is located on Station 2 and a few meters walk from D’Mall. You can easily find it for its huge signage or you can ask the locals to easily get there.

At D’ Talipapa, you can find a wide array of seafood – whether you want an enormous lobsters and prawns, shrimps of different species, squid, crabs, clams, oysters, scallops, and of course a wide selection of fishes, either big or small, and of different colors.

The freshness of the seafood are meanwhile guaranteed for there are daily supply of lobsters from Palawan or Surigao, fishes and seashells from Iloilo, Roxas and mainland Aklan and seashells and other seafood from Roxas City.

Apart from the seafood, meat and poultry products are also available at the wet market.

Even dried fishes can also be purchased at the wet market.

All tenants are also following strictly with the price list of the D’ Talipapa management so you enjoy the same price of products whether you are a local or a tourist.

It also boasts as the cleanest market in the island, so your food is definitely prepared in sanitation.

After choosing what to eat, now you can choose from among the “Paluto restaurants” to cook your food, the way you want it. Since it is your seafood or meat that will be used, the restaurants only ask for cooking service charge, usually pegged per kilogram that starts at P100, or depending on your order.

One of the most famous is the Plato de Boracay. The restaurant is conveniently located just in front of the wet market.

At Plato, known as the “House of Pinoy Style Paluto,” you may choose to have your seafood or meat grilled, steamed or cooked into your favorite dishes – sinigang, caldereta, adobo, pan fried or into a sizzling meal.

You can also enjoy your shrimps and prawns in chili sauce, lemon butter sauce, in spicy coconut cream or have it deep fried.

A sumptuous lobster can meanwhile be enjoyed either steamed, in savory sauce or as a congee for the group or the family.

For vegetarians and those who have religious dietary restrictions, the Paluto restaurants also cooks vegetarian meals of your choice.

You can have meatless stir fried vegetables, Pinoy plant-based dishes like pinakbet, chopsuey and mixed vegetables.

At the vicinity of the wet market, various fruits and vegetables stalls are also present at D’ Talipapa.

The restaurant also offers menu of side dishes drinks and everything else you need for an enjoyable dining experience.


While waiting for your meals to be cooked, you can use the time to shop for souvenir items that you can bring home.

Just beside the wet market are souvenir shops in rows where you can find bags, t-shirts, sarongs, shell and wooden crafts among others at cheaper rates since most of the tenants at the Talipapa are wholesalers and some are even manufacturers.

There are even guitars, and other art products made by the locals.

There is also a variety of locally made food products, such as banana chips, tarts, biscocho and other “pasalubong” treats available at the stalls.



True to its one-stop brand of service, almost everything you need is all packed in one place. There are grocery stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants and even beauty salon at the area.


If you run out of cash, an ATM machine is also available inside the vicinity of D’Talipapa.

For Catholics, D’Talipapa also host mass every second Sunday of the month.


D’ Talipapa started its operation in 2005. It is owned by the Elizalde Group of Companies and is managed by Sunshine Inns Inc.  Currently, its Boracay operation is headed by Stuart Jenkins, the managing director of Sunshine.

D’ Talipapa was constructed after the original Boracay’s Talipapa was razed by fire. To help the tenants start over again, the Elizalde company decided to offer the lot for the fire victims to restart business. At present, majority of the 276 tenants of the D’ Talipapa are fire victims from the razed Talipapa.

As a threat for the locals and the tourists, this coming December 15 to 27, D’Talipapa will again hold its Paskuhan sa Talipapa.

During the period, series of events like the Misteryoso, Wet and Wild, Singing and Dancing, Miss D’ Talipapa contest and activities will be conducted.

But for the first time this year, D’ Talipapa will host the first night bazaar in the island. During the bazaar, the locals and the tourists can enjoy various products at cheaper rates.

The bazaar which is also the highlight of this year’s Paskuhan sa Talipapa will start at 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. during the period.*


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